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  • Karen Evans·

    So much good advise on swing specifically. Anxious t get to the course-
    Best instructer I have ever had.

  • Jacqui Hanford·

    Char is amazing!!! Patient and positive.

  • Beth Fox·

    Char worked with my mechanics and fine tuned my knowledge for improvement on fluidity with my swing. It's been two weeks and I have gained 40 yards or more in distance when I am making good contact with the ball! I drove 235 yesterday and I'll admit I'm no spring chicken. I am grateful of Chars knowledge and would recommend her to any aged / experienced golfers. Thank you so much Char!!!

  • Sheryl Erickson·

    Char is a great instructor! She is very clear and precise in her instruction! She is good at focusing on one or two things for you to work on so you are not overwhelmed.

  • Beth S·

    Char can drill down so easily in order to share suggestions on how to improve my game. She listens, sees, and then BAM, she's dolled in to what will help me. So thankful. It gives me continued hope on improving my game⛳💕

  • Brenda·

    Today’s lesson with Char was exceptionally helpful. She observed my swing to see if I was using the proper techniques as taught in a previous lesson and then provided instruction to improve my pitching and chipping. Her simplistic instructions makes it easy to learn without multiple corrections during the 30 minute lessons. Thanks Char for being clear and concise! Just what I needed to improve my golf game.

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